Optimising Waste Collection

By collecting and analyzing data from refuse containers across the world, Enevo ® is able to create efficiencies and provide valuable insights.

Our Customers

We help cities, waste management companies and recyclers and consultants to optimize collection logistics and gain valuable insights from their operations. Learn more about our customers and how we’re helping them achieve greater efficiency.

Dynamic Routes

Until now the collection of waste and recyclables has been done using fixed schedules where containers are collected every day or every week, regardless if they are full or not. Enevo changes all this by using smart wireless sensors to gather fill level data from waste containers. The service then automatically generates demand-based schedules and optimised routes.

Easy-To-Use Service

A rich backlog of all the analytics, estimates and reports can be accessed using our easy-to-use web service. Our tablet application help guide your drivers along optimal routes and enable them to report problems directly via the tablet.

Increased Efficiency

Collections based on Enevo Smart Plans significantly reduces costs, emissions, road wear, vehicle wear, noise pollution and work hours. Enevo provides you up to 50% in direct cost savings in waste logistics.


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