Proactively Manage Missed Collections

Detect when collections occur and track how often planned collections are missed or additional ones added. Actively shift resources based on up-to-date data and take preventative actions when required.  Our full stack solution empowers you to:

  • Detect missed collections daily
  • Assess which missed collections require an additional collection
  • Identify key sites that require schedule adjustment
  • Conduct reviews with your vendors based on actual collection data

Evaluate Service Performance

Validate whether current waste contracts are performing as agreed upon. Get insights into your customer’s daily waste and recycling generation and assess whether the assigned collection schedules are being executed. Use this information to:

  • View actual collection events compared to your schedule
  • Pinpoint frequently occurring missed and unscheduled collections
  • Assess, review and adjust service levels accordingly
  • Consolidate site specific performance for collection execution
  • Track vendor scorecard metrics

Improve Customer Service Response Time

By having up-to-date data and detailed container waste analytics and collection records for your customer service team, you can speed up the response time and get ahead of issues. No more “playing telephone” between your customer service team, your vendors and the site in question.  Powerful insights into collection behavior and fill level trends empower your customer service team to:

  • Deal proactively with issues before they arise
  • Answer customer queries effectively with credible data