Enevo ONe Collect

Works with all type of containers

Enevo ONe Collect

A complete waste monitoring solution that brings up to 50% savings in waste collection costs. Works with any type of container and any type of waste mixed, glass, bio, metals or fluids such as oils and waste water etc.

What’s included

  • Sensor Device
  • Sensor Warranty and Replacement
  • Installation and Activation App
  • All Data Transmissions
  • Access to the ONe Collect Web Portal
  • Real Time Fill-Up Measurements
  • Collection Forecasts
  • Daily Collection Lists
  • Alert Service
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Access to One Collect Server API
  • Updates and Service Improvements

.... and what’s not included

  • Installation and activation
  • Packaging and shipping

Easy-to-use web service.

All real-time measurements and forecasts can be accessed through our easy-to-use web service. The web service alerts you if something unexpected happens i.e. a container is only partially collected or a sudden and extreme change in temperature occurs. The web service also shows you how much you have saved thanks to One Collect.

How does it work?

  • Fill level measurement

    Small battery powered wireless sensors monitor each container’s fill level in real time. The sensors are firmly attached and hidden away out of sight on the underside of the container lids. Waste monitoring works with any type of container and any type of waste (mixed, paper, glass, bio, metals and fluids such as oils and waste water etc.).

  • Analysis and modeling

    The data from each container are sent over wireless cellular networks to the Enevo servers for analysis and immediately displayed when you log on to the Enevo ONe Collect web site.

    • Real time fill level status
    • Alerts for abnormal events (such as high temperature and movement)
    • Predicted fill-up dates
    • Statistics
    • Planning tools
  • Forward to route planning

    You can automatically provide a list of containers, schedules and routes to your drivers through your existing fleet management system. We offer an easy-to-use API for integrating information from the ONe Collect servers directly into most ERP and fleet management systems available.

Benefits - financial and environmental efficiency

  • Lower costs

    • Fewer collections
    • Fewer trucks needed
    • Less fuel needed
    • Less time used (labor cost)
    • Lower servicing costs
    • Lower cleanup costs
  • Better environmental efficiency

    • Less CO2 and other emissions
    • No overfull containers
    • Less scattered waste
    • Better hygiene