About Enevo

Founded in 2010, ENEVO ® is a forward-thinking company with a vision to transform the financial, environmental and social impact of waste.

By collecting and analysing data from refuse containers across the world, Enevo is able to create efficiencies and cut the cost of waste collection and incentivise recycling. Enevo simplifies, de-risks and optimises the waste management process, helping to make a sustainable waste-free environment a more achievable proposition.

The company has raised over $26m in private equity funding to date and continues to invest highly in R&D and geographic expansion. Enevo is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, with offices in the US, UK, Germany and Japan.

Careers at Enevo

At Enevo we are helping to solve one of the biggest global challenges: waste. In 2012 the world’s cities generated 1,3 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste. As living standards rise and urban populations grow this number is predicted to rise to 2,2 billion tonnes per year by 2025, according to the World Bank.

The cost for managing solid waste is projected to rise from $205 billion to $375 billion. How can we move waste and recyclables cost efficiently from collection sites to processing sites and also reduce the impact on the environment?

We are a company of top notch people, who are dedicated to solve this problem with state of the art algorithms, advanced sensor technology and cloud services fuelled by stellar customer experience.

Open positions

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Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Espoo, Finland


Senior Embedded Developer

Espoo, Finland




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