Improve Cost Efficiency

Make sure you are getting the most out of your waste and recycling services with insights that show where you are being over serviced and the impact of additional non-scheduled collections.

Enevo measures the actual container waste level multiple times throughout the day providing detailed  reports on the time of collection and the waste volumes at collection. Service schedules and container allocations can be tuned to achieve maximum efficiency while maintaining a good service level.

Implement Right-sizing and Service Changes

When service right-sizing and service changes are based on average data levels from the past, your improvements are going to be slow to implement and the benefits are marginal.

Enevo provides tools that identify service efficiencies at a container level using actual data, allowing changes to be made fast and benefits to be received immediately.

Gain Access to Accurate and Actionable Sustainability Reporting

Enevo can help you reach your zero waste goals and increase your recycling and organics program adoption.  Instead of relying on averages, historical data or infrequent waste audits, Enevo can remove the guesswork and burden of sustainability reporting by providing you accurate and timely reports based on the real data from your containers.

Accurate waste levels and diversion rates at a container level, store level and group level can quickly identify the shining stars and opportunities for improvement within your business.

Manage Vendor Scorecards

Manage vendor performance with accurate data on missed pickups and unscheduled collections. Enevo waste analytics tools provide detailed reports of actual collections against plans for all containers, including solid waste, recycling and organics, across all your properties.