Improve Cost Efficiency

Save over 50% of your waste collection costs by only emptying bins when they are going to be full rather than collecting bins that do not need emptying.

Enevo measures the actual container waste level multiple times a day and then uses powerful analytics to accurately predict when that container will need emptying.  In addition, you can access future collection plans that best use waste resources across your city.

“We halved the number of trucks [we use] from 4 to 2” – City of Antwerp

Monitor and Report Waste Performance

Enevo reporting tools monitor the waste data from all the bins are provide the ability to track changes.

Improvements in waste services can be quickly observed as the waste collection processes are changed.

“We feel that the combination of Enevo technology and the knowledge and expertise of our waste collection team has resulted in an effective solution for the city.” – City of Rotterdam

Reduce Overflowing Bins

Enevo’s predictive analytics can tell you when bins will be full and will need emptying before there is a problem.

Avoiding the risk of overfill not only maintains the cleanliness of the local environment but saves money on cleanup costs, handling complaint calls and reduces the risk of further fly tipping and illegal dumping.

“The  cleanliness of our waste collection points play a surprisingly large part in customer satisfaction” – VVO Group

Do More With Less

Many cities and local authorities are feeling the pressure of budget cuts across their entire street scene. However, efficiencies created in waste collection allow resources to be redeployed for other critical tasks.

Enevo waste analytics tools provide detailed reports of actual waste levels at collection and identify bins that are being over serviced.

“One of the two trucks that was deployed to empty the litter bins has now been redeployed on to other cleaning duties” – Douglas Borough Council