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November 1, 2016

Hearts for the Homeless transform collection efficiency with Enevo

We’re pleased to release a new case study video highlighting the successes we’ve helped deliver for Hearts for the Homeless, a Buffalo based not-for-profit organization. Hearts for the Homeless was set up in 1990 to feed the homeless in and around Buffalo and during the years, their activities have expanded to also include collecting, recycling and selling lightly used clothes.

During the last two years, Enevo technologies have been helping Hearts for the Homeless monitor and manage their clothing recycling collection containers. As a result, fill rates have increased from 35% to ~80%, meaning that each truck collects significantly more donations on each vehicle journey, saving costs as well as reducing environmental impact.

Choosing the Enevo solution has also reduced the number of overflowing containers, which has cut wastage through contamination and helped Hearts for the Homeless customers keep their customers’ sites clean and well managed.

Nick Calandra, COO and Corporate Secretary for Hearts for the Homeless told us “Enevo is helping us better monitor what we do, find efficiencies and the solution will help us continue to scale up in the future.  It makes it easier for us to add new geographies further away from our depot that would have been very difficult to do well without sensors monitoring fill levels. The Enevo solution has also provided us with data that can help us make stronger decisions about new container locations that would have been difficult previously. It’s also helping us optimize our current locations in that we can see if a container doesn’t get used enough to justify it continuing to be there”.

Ric Hobby, President & GM North America, for Enevo added “We’re thrilled to be working with an organization like Hearts for the Homeless. Not only are they making a valuable impact in their community, they’ve had a strong focus on how they can be more efficient and use data intelligently to help them continue to scale their business. Our solution helps forward looking organizations like Hearts for the Homeless, measure, optimize and transform their collection efficiency”.

To find out more about how Hearts for the Homeless have harnessed and benefitted from Enevo’s smart technologies, please visit our case study page here: Improving Textile Collection Performance

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