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December 13, 2016

Hills Waste Solutions Adds Enevo Technology to Increase Efficiency of Waste Management for British Army

Waste analytics are helping Hills, the UK waste and recycling company, to proactively manage unpredictable waste levels at Aldershot Garrison

December 7, 2016, Nottingham UK. Hills Waste Solutions (HWS), a large private UK waste and recycling contractor, has introduced Enevo’s waste collection optimisation solution at Aldershot Garrison.  Contracted by Aspire Defence Services Limited (ADSL) to manage waste as part of ADSL’s total facilities management service, which is delivered for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) under the 35-year Project Allenby/Connaught contract let to Aspire Defence in 2006, HWS collects and recycles waste from around 2,500 bins on the military garrison.  The company is constantly innovating and at ADSL’s request agreed to improve the levels of efficiency in waste collection and recycling.

The transient nature of the population at Aldershot Garrison means that it is difficult to anticipate the volume of waste, making regular planned waste collection inefficient, as bin fill levels can change from week to week.

Enevo’s solution collects and analyses data from the refuse bins in order to predict and optimise waste and recycling collections so that bins are only collected when full, reducing unnecessary collections and associated costs including vehicle miles, fuel, wear and tear, staffing and environmental impact. The system uses smart sensors and advanced algorithms to predict waste generation levels and provides detailed reporting, recommendation and insights to help future collection planning. The bins’ sensors continuously update the Enevo server, providing an almost real-time view of the bin’s content level. Using Enevo’s waste analytics, HWS monitors the condition of all the bins with sensors, routing collections to full bins.

Gary McKinnon, divisional director of Hills Waste Solutions stated, “We are committed to providing an excellent service and adding value back to the customer. We set performance targets within this important contract and constantly innovate to achieve them. The Enevo solution is demonstrating itself to be an accurate and flexible system which is helping us achieve our goal of increased efficiency in waste collection.”

An additional benefit of the Enevo solution is the ability to target full bins before they overflow. This means reduced mess around the bins, which is not only unsightly, but can be unhygienic.

Sébastien Jouan of ADSL, HWS customer for this contract, said, “Measuring waste using sensor technology places ADSL and our customer, the MoD, at the forefront in the application of smart technology, reducing our environmental impact and safety risk by reducing the number of vehicle movements.”

Andy Crofts, UK managing director of Enevo stated, “Working with HWS is a major achievement for Enevo. Tracking the rise and fall of waste levels generated by the movement of people at Aldershot, provides a clear example of the capability of the system and is providing excellent feedback to fine tune the system for HWS’ specific needs.”

The two and half year contract began in November with early deployment of the Enevo solution around the Aldershot site.


About Enevo:

Founded in 2010, Enevo is a forward-thinking company with a vision to transform the financial, environmental and social impact of waste. By collecting and analysing data from refuse containers across the world, Enevo is able to create efficiencies and cut the cost of waste collection and incentivise recycling. Enevo simplifies, de-risks and optimises the waste management process, helping to make a sustainable waste-free environment a more achievable proposition. The company has raised over $26m in private equity funding to date and continues to invest highly in R&D and geographic expansion. Enevo is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, with offices in the US, UK, Germany and Japan.



About Hills Waste Solutions:

Hills Waste Solutions offers a range of specialist waste management and recycling services to both the public and private sector. It is a dynamic regional business which, while centred on Wiltshire, has stretched its boundaries into neighbouring areas to become one of the region’s largest providers of waste solutions.  Hills Waste Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hills Group Limited, a privately owned family company established in 1900.



About Aspire Defence:

Under the 35 year Project Allenby/Connaught (PAC) contract Aspire Defence Services Limited (ADSL) is supplying the Total Facilities Management element across the four Army garrisons on Salisbury Plain and in Aldershot.

(PAC) is the largest infrastructure PFI contract ever let by the MoD and has significantly improved the lives of some 18,700 soldiers (20% of the trained British Army) through the provision of modern, high quality, fully serviced and purpose built living and working accommodation.


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