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Enevo helps Edinburgh win APSE UK award in Scotland

The City of Edinburgh in Scotland is another Enevo customer who has sought to find out if smart technology could help them become more efficient in how they manage waste.
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How will ongoing budget cuts impact your street cleaning services?

You don’t need to look too far into expectations within local government about the direction budgets might move in the coming years. I’ve read a number of stories and reports recently and they all say that budgets are expected to continue to fall. In fact one report from a respected national source showed nearly a 90% expectation of future cuts.
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Fewer bin collections will not save you money

Recently I’ve spotted a story or two in the media suggesting that some UK Councils are considering (or even piloting) reducing the regularity in which they collect household waste.  
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Key contributors

Julie Bobola is Enevo's Marketing Coordinator, and has enjoyed growing with Enevo over the last couple of years. She has dipped her toes into multiple departments and is settled in as your waste and recycling blogger.
Bill Gladson is Enevo's Sales Director of North America. Bill has over 30 years experience from both a Waste Hauling and Waste consulting perspective.
Jason Knowles is Enevo's Vendor Relations Manager. Jason has a comprehensive history in the Waste industry in hauling and management capacities. He has a degree in Supply Chain Management.
Rob is sustainability professional and Chartered Waste Manager who has been working at the forefront of resource efficiency initiatives and innovations, assisting organisations to implement circular economy strategies.
Ashley Turberfield is Enevo's Product Marketing Manager. Ashley started his career in the food packaging industry before moving into the technology and IOT industry and is now applying this experience within Enevo.
Andy Crofts, is Enevo’s UK Managing Director and has over 20 years of Local Authority Experience in Waste and Street Cleansing. Clean Britain Gold Award and National Winner 2014.
Geoff Aardsma, is Enevo’s North American Senior Sales Director and has an extensive background in the Waste Management industry, a degree in Biochemistry and a MBA in Sustainable Management