Hearts for the Homeless

“Enevo’s solution allows us to better monitor our current collection operations and gain efficiency, while providing a scalable, data driven means to expand our collection network moving forward. We’ve loved working with Enevo since day one including the passion and commitment of their team to helping us grow and succeed”

– Nicholas M. Calandra, COO and Corp. Secretary, Hearts for the Homeless

Isle of Man

“Douglas Borough Council have deployed the Enevo solution in our litter bin stock around the Promenade and surrounding areas of Douglas with excellent results. The sensor equipped litter bins have now been able to contribute towards a 50% reduction in collections. One of the two trucks that was deployed to empty the litter bins has now been redeployed on to other cleaning duties.”

– Mr Councillor Richard Henry McNicholl, Douglas Borough Council

Great Forest Sustainable Waste Management

“Systems like Enevo will drive the waste industry out of the stone age. This system takes us to another level and provides ‘eyes and ears’ on the containers we manage, which we never had previously.  This helps us offer our clients a more measurable, and therefore manageable, program for their properties”

-David Troust, a Principal, Great Forest

City of Rotterdam

“We’re very happy working with Enevo. We feel that the combination of Enevo technology and the knowledge and expertise of our waste collection team has resulted in an effective solution for the city. Using Smart Plans we’ve increased the mean ll level of containers saving us time, fuel, service costs and emissions.”

– Joost van Maaren, Head of Collection and Reuse of Waste, The City of Rotterdam

City of Antwerp

“Enevo’s solution allowed us to quickly reduce the number of trucks we needed to empty our underground containers. Even during the early stages of implementation we halved the number of trucks from 4 to 2. We expect that the system will become more accurate at predicting volumes over time and that the number of trucks needed may fall further.”

– Luc De Rooms, Project Manager for Underground Containers, City of Antwerp


“The underlining goal is to have an impact on customer satisfaction. The  cleanliness of our waste collection points play a surprisingly large part in customer satisfaction. We firmly believe that the collaboration that have now started with Enevo will contribute to a better customer satisfaction.”

-Juha Heino, Director of Customer Relations, VVO Group