Waste Analytics Solution

Enevo’s waste analytics solution provides insights that help you increase efficiency and transparency. Whether you’re a city, a business or a broker handling waste contracts we can help you streamline your waste management operations further.


Identify your baseline, manage your waste generation and learn about:

  • View planned, missed and unscheduled collections
  • Track average fullness of your containers
  • Know, with accuracy, how much waste you are generating
  • Record percentage of waste you are diverting from the landfill by recycling
  • Manage how fast your containers are filling up


Predict when and where containers are filling up:

  • Identify containers that need emptying
  • See when missed sites might overflow and react ahead of problems
  • Manage containers that don’t need to be collected


Keep track of all collection activity and make data-driven decisions:

  • Receive a time record of each collection
  • Track volume and weight collected
  • Quantify total collections over a period of time
  • Validate if missed collections led to overflow
  • Monitor collection performance against agreed schedule
  • Export data to excel for further analysis or reporting needs

Measurement Technology

Enevo waste management analytics solution uses advance ultrasonic sonar technology to detect fill levels. The device also measures temperature, tilt and acceleration, providing you with a range of data from waste containers.

  • Continuously monitors fill level
  • Automatically detects collections and deliveries
  • Easily retrofitted or pre-installed to a container
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Wireless communications
  • Alerts such as sudden fill-level changes, temperature, overflowing containers and more
  • Battery powered and lasts for 10+ years under optimal circumstances and settings

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