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We make waste easy and sustainability accessible -- and costs low


Enevo’s sensor and analytic software provide unrivaled transparency and insights, allowing you to easily manage your waste and create further sustainability, while continuously decreasing costs.

The Enevo software suite also contains tooling for efficiently managing fleets and containers, planning dynamically, and efficient collection routes.

Patented Technology

We deliver the technology and results a lot of waste companies promise, but never produce.

Our patented sensor and analytic technology is unparalleled in our industry, bringing waste into the Internet of Things (IoT).

Enevo technology:

  • Virtually eliminates dumpster overflow
  • Increases recycling rates
  • Allows you to pay only for the pickups you need
  • Provides a transparent overview of waste and recycling 
  • Automatically plans daily dynamic routes
  • Tracks servicing to make sure containers are collected as needed

The Sensor

A little sensor with a lot of power 

Our waste solutions begin with our exceptional IoT sensor. The sensor utilizes ultrasonic sonar technology to detect container fill levels and collections,.It’s the size of a hockey puck, requires minimal maintenance, and makes sure your dumpsters are only emptied when they need to be. 

Analytic Software

Don’t guesstimate – know.

Currently, your waste solutions rely on your best guess and regular pick-ups, whether your bins are full or not. Enevo’s analytic software provides real insight in real time, making all decisions rooted in data.

While our sensor collects data, our customer portal platform showcases:

  • A general waste overview
  • Your sites and containers
  • Fill Levels
  • Past collections and scheduled pick-ups
  • Live map of the collection fleet & plan execution

...just to name a few.

Unrivaled Planning Capabilities and Efficiency

Data is only as good as what you do with it

A sensor alone won’t create efficiency. Our dedicated planning software to keep operations effective and efficient. 

Our competitors promise savings but fail to offer the planning capabilities necessary to deliver them. Our patented software calculates millions of possible service routes to create the most cost-efficiency and environmental benefit over time, for the entire fleet. 

The best part? It’s automatic.  You’ll have the best on-demand plans every day, without doing a thing.

Full-Service Waste Solutions

We love our tech, but you are our top priority

Your waste solutions are a business necessity, our tech simply enables us to provide a better service. 

Your dumpsters stay the same and pick-ups occur normally. Our technology allows us to increase
efficiency, decrease costs, and boost green practices.

With Enevo, you get more-than-basic waste services for less.

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